Senior Citizen's Guide to Philadelphia and Suburbs Fall/Winter 2013 - page 17
Retirement Living Options
For people willing to relocate, there are plenty of
living options, although there may be some confusion
about what all the terms mean. Here is an initial look
at some of them:
Independent Communities
Independent living differs in terms of medical ser-
vices offered depending on where you live. Occupants
generally require no extra assistance with daily tasks.
Independent housing includes everything from houses
to townhouses to apartments. The only determining
factor that makes it different from other housing with-
out medical services is
the elderly residents don’t
require help. If indepen-
dent living is a part of an
established pay communi-
ty, such as in the case of a
CCRC, the services offered
to the dependent popula-
tion are the same ones
offered to the independent
population if they choose
to use them.
Senior Apartments
Senior apartments are
a good choice for older
adults that can take care
of themselves. Usually,
these apartments are de-
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