Senior Citizen's Guide to Philadelphia and Suburbs Fall/Winter 2013 - page 22

#3. Your attorney can help
you to make the tough decisions.
You may be putting off having a
Will prepared because you are
struggling with a difficult issue,
such as how to protect assets over
the long term for an heir who may
spend too freely, or how to benefit
children from your first marriage
while still providing adequately
for your current spouse, or how to
provide some help for a grandchild
with special needs who relies on
government benefits for basic liv-
ing expenses. Experienced estate
planning attorneys can help you
to identify your priorities, can
suggest options and strategies,
and can take the time to help you
reach a decision that you are com-
fortable with.
#4. Your attorney can also
help you plan for alternate as-
set protection in the event of
disability during your lifetime.
Along with a Will, your attorney
will likely recommend a Durable
Power of Attorney, to ensure that
your legal and financial affairs can
be taken care of if you become
disabled, and a Medical Power
of Attorney with Living Will
provisions. With these in place,
the people you trust will be able
to help you effectively when you
need it.
#5.Your attorney will provide
a personal service, rather than a
one-size-fits-all product.
#6. You don’t know what you
don’t know.
You can write your
Will on your own, or use an online
service, but will you be confident
that it will do what you expect it
to do? Will it keep taxes and costs
at a minimum? Are there other
options or strategies that could
have been more effective? Will
everything be crystal clear to:Your
banks and brokerage houses?Your
heirs? The IRS and the Pennsylva-
nia Department of Revenue? The
Court, if there is conflict? Doesn’t
it make sense to use someone who
can “speak the language” of all of
these entities?
#7. Ignoring a chore doesn’t
make it disappear, but dealing
with it allows you to take it off
the to-do list.
#8.You will feel a sense of ac-
complishment and the peace of
mind that comes from knowing
that your affairs are in order.
# 9 . Ma k e yo u r e s t a t e
plan……… because you can!
In feudal times, people were not
allowed to decide what would
happen to their property after
their death, since it was set out
by law. In some countries even
today, portions of your property
pass as directed by the government
and cannot be controlled by your
Will. So, exercise your American
freedom …….. because you can!
#10. It is too important to
leave to chance.
Our society con-
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