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Boomers Resource Guide
• Fall/Winter 2013
siders the ability to obtain legal
advice so important that Legal
Aid organizations provide this
service at no cost to citizens with
low incomes. And Pennsylvania’s
sales tax is not imposed on fees for
legal services. This is the perfect
time to consult a qualified estate
planning attorney to prepare or
update your own estate plan.
Cynthia A. McNicholas,
Esquire is an attorney
practicing in Media,
Pennsylvania. She
focuses her practice
on estate planning, estate
administration, elder law,
Orphans’ Court litigation,
guardianships, real estate,
and fiduciary services. She
is President of the Delaware
County Estate Planning Council
for 2012-2013. She has also
been an Editor of the last three
editions of the Delaware County
Elder Law Handbook. She is a
member of the Board of Directors
of Dunwoody Home Care. She
received her B.A. from Dickinson
College and her J.D. from
Villanova University School of
Law. She has been admitted to
practice in Pennsylvania since
1982. Copyright 9/28/2012 ©
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