Senior Citizen's Guide to Philadelphia and Suburbs Fall/Winter 2013 - page 25

Boomers Resource Guide
• Fall/Winter 2013
• Common remodeling projects
• Solutions to common barriers
Keep in mind that when you
hire a Certified Aging-in-Place
Specialist, you are buying a ser-
vice rather than a product. Each
CAPS professional draws from
a different knowledge base and
will approach your project in a
different way. No matter where
you start in the process, you will
eventually need to hire a profes-
sional remodeler to actually make
the modifications to your home.
Choosing a remodeler for aging-
in-place and universal design im-
_ _____ Figure out how much
money you have to spend on the
home modification project.
_ _____ Seek referrals from friends,
family, neighbors, co-workers, and
others who have had similar work
done. Check with your local or state
office of consumer protection and
the local Better Business Bureau.
Verify the remodeler has the ap-
propriate license(s) in your state.
_ _____ Look for professional des-
ignations such as CAPS, Certified
Graduate Remodeler (CGR), or
GraduateMaster Remodeler (GMR).
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