Senior Citizen's Guide to Philadelphia and Suburbs Fall/Winter 2013 - page 26

_ _____ Ask your professional
remodeler for a written estimate
of the work to be done based on a
set of plans and specifications. Be
prepared to pay for this package.
_ _____ Select a professional re-
modeler with plenty of experience
with your type of project. Remem-
ber, lowest price does not ensure a
successful remodeling project.
Which improvements does
your home need?
• Do I want to add a bathroom
and possibly a bedroom to the
main level?
• How can I make my kitchen
more functional?
• Am I worried about preventing
• How much money can I budget
for this project?
• Will I need to get a home eq-
uity loan?
• Will other members of my fam-
ily benefit from modifications?
• Will remodeling increase the
energy efficiency of my home?
• Where do I find a professional
I can consult with about my
Article provided by the National
Association of Home Builders,
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