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Boomers Resource Guide
• Fall/Winter 2013
Planning to Move? Help is Available
“Wow, I can’t wait to move!”
No, that’s not what we usually
Moving is stressful, no matter
who you are. Add to that the worry
about downsizing years of accu-
mulated belongings (“What am I
going to do with all my stuff?”) and
it is understandable why so many
seniors are overwhelmed at even
the thought of moving.
Don’t worry, help is out there!
Peace of Mind
In the past 15 years or so, an in-
dustry of professionals has arisen
to lighten the burden for seniors
and their families. They’re called
senior move managers. Senior
move managers provide move
planning and coordination, space
planning (so you know what will
fit into the new place), sorting,
packing, unpacking, settling in,
arranging for the disposition of
belongings not making the move,
even recommending a local realtor
and helping get the home ready
for sale. This affords the senior
and their family the flexibility to
be as involved as they wish, while
also giving them the much needed
peace of mind that everything will
go smoothly and according to plan.
Leave the Packing
(and Unpacking) to
Senior Move Managers
Alleviating the mental and
emotional stress that goes along
with a move is important, but it
is not the only benefit of hiring a
senior move manager. It can be a
question of safety as well. Often
times, packing up an entire house
is well beyond the means of one or
two people, no matter how capable
they are, and it may take them days
or even weeks to finish. Their time
would be better spent deciding what
will go with them to the new place.
While a traditional mover is great
on transporting items, most don’t
have the experience and patience to
understand that only a subset of the
belongings are making the move.
Not only can the senior move
managers help with the pre-move
sorting, often, a senior move man-
agement team can pack up a senior’s
belongings the day before the move,
allow them to sleep in their own
bed overnight, oversee the move
the next morning, and unpack and
settle them in that afternoon. There
is no week-long accumulation of
boxes leading up to the move –
which can be as much an eye-sore
as it is a safety hazard. There are no
mountains of boxes to be unpacked
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