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Boomers Resource Guide
• Fall/Winter 2013
auction, “tag” sales, liquidators,
and local charities. Move managers
can help with finding the solution
that matches the family’s needs.
Happy Ending
Amove takes planning. And ex-
perience. And the skill and energy
to get the work done. And, when
clients tell a senior move manager
they feel better just knowing they
have them to help, part of the peace
of mind has begun.
Do you help an older adult with
any of the following tasks?
• Preparing meals
• Arranging for services
• Bathing and getting dressed • Paying household bills
• Grocery shopping
• Getting in and out of bed
• Cleaning the house
• Getting to doctor’s visits
• Managing medications
If you answered “yes” to any of the
questions above, you are a caregiver. A
“Caregiver” is someone who assists another
person — usually a family member — who
has physical and/or mental limitations.
Caregiving is a labor of love that allows a
vulnerable person to stay in the home for
as long as they can be cared for safely and
Although caregiving can be very
rewarding, it can also be stressful. There
may be times when you feel squeezed by
the demands of giving care, balancing
family obligations, working and taking care
of yourself. At times, you may not know
where to go for answers, emotional support
and practical advice — or how to get a
break from your caregiving responsibilities.
Some of these
suggestions might
help you:
• Talk with your doctor
about how caregiving is
impacting your health.
• Allow others to help you.
• Learn to take care of
• Contact your local Area
Agency on Aging to
learn about the helpful
For information about services for
older adults and caregivers, contact
The Senior Alliance Agency on Aging
734-722-2830 •
And when we get hugs and
thank you notes at the end of a
move, we know again why we chose
the work we do--helping people by
doing something we love to do.
Editorial provided by Donna
Willmann. Donna is president and
owner of Byron Home, a senior
move management company
located in South Jersey for the past
16 years, and a founding member
of the National Association of
Senior Move Managers.
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