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which is a useful way to measure belly fat:
• Men are considered overweight if greater than 40
• Women are considered overweight if greater than
35 inches.
There is hope of course. Even small cuts in weight
can be beneficial. Cutting your weight by just 10 percent
can drop your blood pressure, lower blood cholesterol
and lessen your risk of heart disease.
How can you keep a healthy weight? Try 30 minutes
of exercise per day. You may also try the following tips:
• Eat regular meals.
• Drink a glass of water before meals.
• Cut down on your soda intake.
• Don’t eat between meals or before bed. If you do,
have a piece of fruit rather than a bag of chips.
• See your doctor yearly for health check-ups.
High blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes can
damage your heart and blood vessels. Don’t get caught
without knowing about these bad boys. By finding out
about them, you can take action to lower the damage
they can cause if left untreated. Lots of people go years
without knowing they have these. All that time they are
working to damage the heart and blood vessels.
Check Blood Pressure
Have your blood pressure checked by your doctor, at
a free screening, in the supermarket or local pharmacy.
If you have a measurement of 140/90 or above, you
should follow up with a doctor. Blood pressure doesn’t
always require medicine. Eliminating salt from your diet,
exercise and reducing weight may be enough to control
mild elevations in blood pressure. Higher blood pres-
sure or blood pressure that doesn’t respond to diet and
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