Senior Citizen's Guide to Philadelphia and Suburbs Fall/Winter 2014 - 15 - page 15

Boomers Resource Guide
• Fall/Winter 2014-15
4. Key contacts and important
Key contacts
include family members
and friends, medical
professionals, insurance
agents, financial planners,
accountants and lawyers
who should be notified if
you need care. Think about
a secure location to keep
important documents and
then tell a trusted person
where to find them.
5. A nutritious diet:
that you have access to
nutritious food, whether
from the grocery store and
nearby restaurants or family,
neighbors and friends.
Consider how much you will
cook for yourself, eat out,
or order- in and how your
access to healthy meals might
be affected if you could not
easily leave your house for a
period of time.
6. Maintaining your all-
around health:
“healthy” encompasses more
than managing a medical
diagnosis. It also includes
your emotional health and
social activities. So while
it’s important to keep
regular check-ups with your
physician, think also about
physical and social activities
that you would like to
continue over time.
7. A surrogate decision maker:
It is important to identify a
person you trust for the role
of making medical decisions
on your behalf in case you
are not able to do so. A
Durable Power of Attorney of
Healthcare Decisions allows
you to designate a person to
make healthcare decisions on
your behalf should the need
arise. Talk to the person you
are thinking of and ask them
if they would be comfortable
with the responsibility.
8. Determine the care that
you want for yourself:
people have thought about
the type of care they would
want in a medical emergency.
Consider preparing a living
will, also known as an
Advance Directive, which is
a legal document that states
your wishes regarding your
care if you are not able to
communicate these decisions.
Be sure and share it with your
surrogate decision maker.
9. Be informed about
how to access help in
your community:
communities have services
that help people who have
chronic illness or disability
to meet their personal or
health needs on a daily basis.
This type of help can assist
people with daily activities,
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