Senior Citizen's Guide to Philadelphia and Suburbs Fall/Winter 2014 - 15 - page 18

other options are available? You
can frame it as something to try
temporarily instead of trying to
impose a permanent solution.
Enlist other help. Does your loved
one know others who have used
home care services, or have had
to move? Talking to others who
have had positive experiences
can sometimes help remove fear
of the unknown.You may want to
consider having a meeting with
your loved one’s doctor or hire
a geriatric care manager. Some-
times hearing feedback from an
unbiased third party can help a
loved one realize that things need
to change. You could take your
parent to a lunch and tour of a
local 55+Retirement Community
“just out of curiosity”. They are
in no way the facilities they used
to be when your parents were
growing up.
Money...Moneywill always be the
issue. Start small, perhaps send a
home health aide just to clean and
prepare some meals in the begin-
ning and have them wear normal
clothing (no scrubs). Your loved
one will build a trust and see the
need and value over time.
Editorial provided by Jane Butler,
Owner, Accessible Home Health Care,
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