Senior Citizen's Guide to Philadelphia and Suburbs Fall/Winter 2014 - 15 - page 5
Retirement Living Options
Independent Communities
Independent housing includes everything from houses
to townhouses to apartments. The only determining factor
that makes it different from other housing without medical
services is the elderly residents don’t require help.
Senior Apartments
Usually, these apartments are developed like standard
apartments, but differ in that they have an age-restriction.
Some apartments are also equipped with assistive
technology such as hand rails and pull cords to aid you.
Assisted Living
Designed for individuals who cannot function in an
independent living environment but do not need nursing
care on a daily basis. Assisted living communities
usually offer help with bathing, dressing, meals, and
housekeeping. The amount of help provided depends on
individual needs.
Nursing Facilities
Provide care for individuals who need nursing care
without being in a hospital. They also offer short-term and
respite care for those whom need rehabilitation care.
Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)
A continuing care retirement community is a gate
secured campus offering independent living, assisted
living, and nursing home care. Residents enjoy an
independent lifestyle with the knowledge that if they
become sick or frail, their needs will continue to be met.
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