Senior Citizen's Guide to Philadelphia and Suburbs Fall/Winter 2014 - 15 - page 8

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put older patients at risk.
Each patient has a unique set of circumstances,
and therefore there is no one-size-fits-all approach for
coordinating care after hospital discharge. However,
there are general guidelines you can follow to help you
prepare, and ensure you—or your loved ones—get the
care you need.
Determine the Types of Care You’ll Need
Ideally, your planning starts well before you are ever
admitted to the hospital. By having a well thought out
plan in place, you can avoid making last-minute decisions,
or worrying about “what happens when I leave the
hospital?” First, if you are going home versus to another
facility, consider the various types of care you will need:
•Household Care:
Will you need help with cooking,
cleaning, laundry, or shopping?
•Personal Care:
What about bathing, dressing, eating,
or using the bathroom?
Do you need help with physical therapy?
Managing your medications? Do you need injections
and know how to use all medical equipment?
•Emotional Care:
Do you have friends and family who
can encourage you? Do you have meaningful activities
you can resume? Are people nearby for conversation?
If you’re concerned about who will help you, you
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