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knees or to a sitting position. If you are hurt or can’t get
up on your own, ask someone for help or call 9-1-1. For
those who live by themselves, it may be wise to invest
in an emergency at home response system so if you
need emergency assistance at any time, help is as close
as a push of a button. Today’s emergency response
devices are subtle and worn like a necklace or bracelet.
Article provided by Gateway Health
STEADI as a Rock
…..A toolkit for wellness
STEADI means Stopping Elderly Accidents
Deaths and Injuries. This is a checklist for
physicians to assess a patient’s risk for falling.
The toolkit includes information about falls, case
studies, gait and balance assessments and a
fall risk checklist. Educational handouts are also
available for patients.
The doctor will assess you by taking a Timed
Up and Go (TUG) test for people age 65 and
older. A TUG test involves getting up from sitting
in a chair, walking to a line on the floor at a
normal pace, turning and walking back to your
chair, and sitting down again. If it takes an older
adult more than 12 seconds to complete this task,
they are considered high risk for falling. Your
doctor should observe your posture, stability,
gait, stride length and sway. A free copy of the
STEADI toolkit, along with patient education
materials, is available at the CDC’s website at
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