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The goal of home health care is to promote optimal
recovery at home after surgery, injury or illness. It
provides patient and family education along with ongoing
support to better enable the patient to manage his or
her health condition in the comfort of home. This helps
to minimize or prevent complications and avoid hospital
readmission. It often results in a more speedy recovery.
When your doctor or referring health care provider
decides that you would benefit from home health care,
they will typically provide you with a list of agencies in
your area. It is important to research the differences in
home health agencies and the services they provide. For
example, if you need specialized care such as behavioral
health or complex wound care, check to make sure that
the agency can provide these services.
Your home health care choices may be limited
by the type of insurance coverage you have or by
agency availability. It is always a good idea to call your
insurance health plan to get additional information.
Once you have narrowed down your choices, there are
several questions (according to the National Association
for Home Care and Hospice) that can aide you in making
an informed decision:
• How long has this agency been serving the
• Does this agency provide literature explaining
its services, eligibility requirements, fees, and
funding sources?
• How does this provider select and train its
How to Choose a
Home Care Agency
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