Senior Citizen's Guide to Pittsburgh 2016 Spring/Summer Edition - page 46

Recognized by the OlderAmeri-
cans Act (OAA) as a community
focal point, senior centers have be-
come one of the most widely used
services among America’s older
adults. Today, 11,400 senior centers
serve more than 1 million older
adults every day. Today’s senior
centers are reinventing themselves
to meet the needs and desires of the
aging baby boomgeneration. Boom-
ers now constitute more than two-
thirds of the 50+ population. Senior
centers are actively developing new
programs and opportunities for this
dynamic generation of older adults.
Senior Center Services
• Senior centers serve as a gate-
way to the nation’s aging net-
work—connecting older adults
to vital community services
that can help them stay healthy
and independent.
• Senior centers are designated
focal points for delivery of
multiple services in one place.
• Senior centers offer a wide va-
riety of programs and services,
- Meal and nutrition programs
- Information and assistance
- Health, fitness, and wellness
- Transportation services
- Public benefits counseling
- Employment assistance
- Volunteer and civic
engagement opportunities
- Social and recreational
- Educational and arts programs
- Intergenerational programs
• Approximately 70% of senior
center participants are women;
half of them live alone.
• The majority are Caucasian,
followed by African Ameri-
Senior Centers
Reinventing Themselves for the Boomer Generation
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