Senior Citizen's Guide to Pittsburgh 2017 Summer/Fall Edition - page 13

what needs might arise and learning what the costs might
be to pay for the services you or your loved one will need
and want. To start the planning process, consider asking
yourself or your loved one the following questions:
• Who is the one person I will depend on for support
as I age?
• If I need to move out of my home, where would I
most like to move?
• What’s the one thing I would like my loved ones to
know about my preferences as I age?
You can use the answers to put a plan into place by
meeting with your lawyer, taking a trip to the bank, or
buying a long-term care insurance policy.
Editorial provided by Greg Hadley at the American Association of Homes and
Services for the Aging in Washington, DC., (A.A.S.H.A)
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