Senior Citizen's Guide to Pittsburgh 2017 Summer/Fall Edition - page 15

Medicare Certified Home Health Agencies
The term home health agency often indicates that a
homecare provider is Medicare certified. A Medicare-cer-
tified agency has met federal minimum requirements for
patient care and management and therefore can provide
home health services that are paid for by Medicare from
a home health agency. Due to regulatory requirements,
services provided by these agencies are very specific and
must meet all the Medicare rules.
Hospice care involves a core interdisciplinary team of
skilled professionals and volunteers who provide compre-
hensive medical, psychological, and spiritual care for the
terminally ill and support for patients’ families. Hospice
care also includes the provision of related medications,
medical supplies, and equipment. It is based primarily in
the home, enabling families to remain together. Trained
hospice professionals are available 24 hours a day to as-
sist the family in caring for the patient, ensure that the
patient’s wishes are honored, and keep the patient com-
fortable and free from pain. Hospices are Medicare-certi-
fied and licensed according to state requirements.
Personal Care
These agencies mostly provide non-medical services
such as companions, homemakers and just about any-
thing else people need to help them remain in their
home. Pennsylvania does not require these agencies
to be licensed or meet regulatory requirements. Some
agencies assign nurses to assess their clients’ needs to
ensure that personnel are properly assigned and provide
How to Choose a Homecare
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