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with misophonia have specific symptoms and triggers
and are sensitive only to certain sounds (and occasionally
to visual triggers). Any sound can become a problem to
a person with misophonia, but most [often the troubling
sounds] are some kind of background noise.”
These sounds can trigger people to have an instant,
emotional response. When someone’s trigger set (the
sounds that set them off) is heard, the person can have
a wide variety of reactions from annoyance to panic or
anger. This kind of response is like a siren or an alarm
to the person with misophonia, and they may urgently
try to distance themselves or become agitated.
Did You Know?
• Ocean waves have the frequency of roughly 12
cycles per minute, which is soothing to most
people. This is probably because that is roughly
the frequency of the breathing of a sleeping
person; there is a deep resonance with being at
rest. We also associate it with being stress free
and on holiday.
• When the London Underground started playing
classical music at a crime-heavy station, robberies
fell by 33% while assaults on staff dropped 25%,
says The Independent.
Article provided by Dr. Suzanne Yoder, HearWell Center, located in Forest
Hills in the “PNC Bank Building” on corner of Yost and Ardmore Blvd
(Rt 30). Call 412-254-8942 or visit
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