Senior Citizen's Guide to Pittsburgh 2017 Summer/Fall Edition - page 30

The death of a loved one is a
tragedy every household experi-
ences. Most families will f ind
themselves poorly prepared to
deal with the problems, indeci-
sions, and costs a death forces
on them.
The decision to prearrange
your cemetery or funeral needs
t oday i s ve r y economi ca l ly
sound, although the strongest
reasons to prearrange are love
and peace of mind.
Benefits of Prearrangement
A couple can share their choic-
es and decide together, therefore
saving loved ones hear tache,
expense and inconvenience at the
time of death.
On a prearrangement basis, a
family burial estate and/or funeral
merchandise can be selected by all
family members, thus guarantee-
ing everyone’s satisfaction.
Based on the last five decades,
we know the cost of cemetery
and funeral arrangements will
continue to increase. Prearrange-
ment allows the costs to be frozen
at today’s prices.
Conserves Insurance
Life insurance is for the liv-
ing, not the deceased. Most life
insurance is purchased to allow a
family time to adjust to the loss
of income that a death causes. If
prearrangements are not made, a
large amount of insurance pro-
ceeds can be spent on cemetery
and funeral items adding financial
burdens to loved ones left behind.
Funeral and memorialization
costs are expenses every individ-
ual must plan to pay. These needs
Preplanning Your Cemetery or Funeral
Know the Facts
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