Senior Citizen's Guide to Pittsburgh 2017 Summer/Fall Edition - page 31

Boomers Resource Guide
• Summer / Fall 2017
can be met today out of current
income through budget payments.
Payment at the time of death is
traditionally made on a cash basis.
Peace of Mind
When a death occurs in any
family or among friends, the grief
is tremendous and the healing
time very long. Prearrangement
will have a positive impact on
your family and friends simply
because you have made your own
decision. This peace of mind
provides benefits far beyond the
dollars spent.
Article provided by The Homewood
The Homewood Cemetery has
always been more than just a final
resting place. It is a quiet refuge for
joggers and lunchtime patrons. It is
visited by bird watchers, students
of all ages and disciplines and
professional groups of all kinds.
It is a ‘living’ museum, rich with a
historic Lawn Park landscape and
architecturally significant buildings
and monuments. It is filled with
the histories of generations of
distinguished men and women who
made considerable contributions
to the history of Pittsburgh and
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