Senior Citizen's Guide to Pittsburgh

Boomers Resource Guide • Winter/Spring 2017-18 29 however, present difficulties for your survivors. Some people may find it hard to simply pour the mor- tal remains of a loved one out onto the ground or into the sea. If you wish to be scattered somewhere, it is therefore important to discuss your wishes ahead of time with the person or persons who will actually have to do the scattering. Another difficulty with scatter- ing can occur when the remains are disposed of in an anonymous, unmarked or public place. What is memorialization for cremation? You might choose ground burial of the urn. If so, you may usually choose either a bronze memorial or monument. Also available at many cemeteries are cremation niches in columbariums. They offer the beauty of a mau- soleum setting with the benefits of above ground placement of re- mains. Many cemeteries also offer scattering gardens. This area of a cemetery offers the peacefulness of a serene garden where family and friends can come and reflect. Can I scatter the remains on private property? Yes, with per- mission of the owner. What can be done with the cremated remains? With crema- tion, your options are numerous. The cremains can be interred in a cemetery plot, i.e., earth burial, retained by a family member,