Senior Citizen's Guide to Pittsburgh

Choices in Senior Housing Growing older is a fact of life. But how and where a person does is not. Older adults have more housing choices available to them than ever before, but these options may leave you with more questions: Feeling confused? Not to worry. Here’s an initial overview of these options in our area: Adult Day Care Provides a variety of health, social and support services in a safe setting during the day. Some programs are designed for people with Alzheimer’s disease. Care Managers Help people figure out what services are needed and work with clients to develop and arrange the services that best fit an individual’s lifestyle. Financial Counseling Programs Help individuals manage their day-to-day finances as well as Medicaid, Medicare or other insurance programs. Home Health Care Services Offer part-time nursing services, personal care, help with chores, medical supplies or equipment and different kinds of therapies in a person’s home. Hospice Care Provides nursing care and specialized services like grief counseling to individuals who are dying and their loved ones. Hospice care is available in a person’s home, at a health care facility or in a hospice center. 6 Say You Saw It in the Senior Citizen’s Guide to Pittsburgh Housing | Article