Senior Citizen's Guide to Pittsburgh Fall/Winter Edition 2015-16 - page 12

Say You Saw It in the Senior Citizen’s Guide to Pittsburgh
anecdotes and details.
“They assembled a huge photo book and a three-ring
binder, plus they provided CDs of all the documents so
they could be reprinted in the future,” explains Amanda.
“Their effort was just incredible.”
Stacey, who works as a paralegal, says it was the
opportunity to do Life Story projects that attracted her
to volunteer with hospice.
“When people are about to lose someone who is
central to their lives, Life Story is a way for them to
hold on to what they love and treasure,” says Stacey.
“And I love hearing the stories about where people
come from and how they lived. I think it does a great
service to the community to memorialize these stories
for future generations.”
Article provided by VITAS Hospice, Pittsburgh, PA,
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