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There are few events more daunting when you
retire than choosing your medical benefits. A recent
study concluded that 13% of Boomers falsely believe
Medicare is free and 27% of Boomers cannot begin to
guess how much they will pay for health care once they
are on Medicare. More dramatically, 72% of middle-
income boomers under the age of 65 do not know that
original Medicare imposes monthly premiums, copays
and deductibles.
Medicare Advantage plans are different from original
Medicare and Medigap policies. Medicare Advantage
plans typically provide additional benefits such as
vision, dental, and hearing aid allowances; some cover
chiropractic care too.
Medicare Advantage plans also come in the form of
Preferred Provider Options (PPO) or Health Maintenance
Organizations (HMO).
Medicare Advantage plans are by far the most
popular option. One in 3 Medicare members in
Pennsylvania have a Medicare Advantage Plan.
Your first step in the process is to obtain Part A and B
of Medicare. Medicare Part A is free so you should enroll
as soon as you’re eligible. Part B imposes a monthly
premium adjusted for income. The base rate for calendar
year 2015 is $104.90 per month. Seniors earning more
than $85,000 per year will be charged more.
If the projected cost of living increase for 2016 is
approved, Part B will also increase.
The increase is expected to be 15%. When you
enroll is also a decision you need to make. You are
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How to Select a Medicare
Advantage Plan
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