Senior Citizen's Guide to Pittsburgh Fall/Winter Edition 2015-16 - page 21

eligible to join Medicare if you are 65 years old (or if
you are qualified disabled) and you are a US citizen or
legal resident who has lived in the U.S. for at least five
consecutive years.
Signing up for Parts A and B can happen during the
seven-month period surrounding your 65th birthday.
The period begins three months before your birthday
and continues three months after (plus the month of
your birth).
You may not want to enroll if you are still covered by
a health insurance plan through an employer or union.
There may be fewer options available, and you may
have to pay more for Part B if you wait. If you don’t sign
up for Medicare because you are employed, you can
avoid any penalty by signing up within eight months of
when your employment ends. Otherwise you will pay a
higher Part B premium.
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