Senior Citizen's Guide to Pittsburgh Fall/Winter Edition 2015-16 - page 34

Today’s senior citizens are
different than those of past gen-
erations. They’re living longer.
They want to live life on their own
terms, and look after their own
safety and well-being. Above all,
they want remain independent for
as long as possible.
There are numerous resources
that offer senior healthcare assess-
ments and free referrals for hous-
ing, transportation, in-home as-
sistance, understanding Medicare,
and much more. These resources
include home health care and senior
service programs at local hospitals
as well as area agency on aging
programs and other independent
home health agencies.
The goal of home health orga-
nizations is to provide services that
help preserve patients’ indepen-
dence and choice, while keeping
up their personal care and activities,
so they can live at home for as long
as possible.
Here are just a few choices you
may wish to consider for yourself or
when talking with loved ones about
aging in place:
Home Health Care
Home health care agencies
work hand-in-hand with patients’
physicians to deliver a seamless
continuum of care to those who
are elderly, chronically ill, dis-
abled or recovering from surgery.
These agencies provide skilled and
specialty nursing care for patients
needing mental health, wound,
ostomy and continence care; or
oncology, diabetes, or cardiopul-
monary care.
Some home health agencies
coordinate community-based re-
sources like delivered meals or
transportation; provide help with
addressing social and emotional
needs such as depression and
anxiety; provide physical therapy
to increase mobility or prevent falls;
occupational therapy to improve
daily independence and modify
the home for safety; speech and
language therapy to help improve
swallowing, speech, cognition, and
memory. Home health aides can as-
sist with bathing, shampooing, nail
care and oral hygiene.
Specialty Needs and
Intravenous Support
Home health programs in this
area may also provide intravenous
medications and nutritional support
for those who need ongoing treat-
ment for an acute or chronic illness.
The goal of home health agencies
should be to help each individual
avoid hospitalization, and recover in
the privacy and comfort of their own
Aging in Place with Home Health Care
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