Senior Citizen's Guide to Pittsburgh Fall/Winter Edition 2015-16 - page 36

homes. Ask any agency or program
you are considering about special
home-delivered treatments, includ-
ing intravenous antibiotics; total
parenteral therapies and nutrition;
hydration, pain management, and
chemotherapies; intravenous immu-
noglobulin; and therapies for end-
stage heart failure and hemophilia.
Medical Supplies and
Medical equipment and supplies
are available through some home
health agencies to assist patients
with chronic respiratory illness or
mobility issues, including manual
and complex wheelchairs; walking
aids and assistive devices; coughing
devices and suction machines; bed
and bath equipment, and more.
Hospice and Palliative Care
Hospice services are available
through some home health agen-
cies for those nearing the end of
their lives, and their families, in
a care setting that best fits their
needs. Nurses, therapists, aides,
counselors, and physicians work
with patients’ primary care doctors
to deliver pain and symptom relief;
arrange for necessary medical
equipment and supplies; provide
individual counseling, emotional
and spiritual support, and education
and respite for caregivers. Hospice
care can be provided in a patient’s
home, or in a comfortable, home-
like environment at inpatient units
at some hospitals or facilities.
Palliative care helps those suf-
fering from serious, chronic illness
to provide an individualized plan
of care specif ic to their needs,
desires, and symptoms. They help
patients and their families plan for
post-hospital care at a home or at
an in-patient facility; help manage
patient symptoms, pain, and side
effects; and provide emotional and
spiritual support to both patient
and families.
Article provided by Allegheny
Health Network. For questions,
or to arrange for home health
care, contact a Healthcare@Home
representative at 1.800.381.8080
or visit
healthcare-home.To learn more
about our senior care services,
call 412.DOCTORS.
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