Senior Citizen's Guide to Pittsburgh Fall/Winter Edition 2015-16 - page 41

Boomers Resource Guide
• Fall/Winter 2015-16
3. Educate before you medicate!
Know which commonly
prescribed medications
can increase your risk
of developing dementia,
particularly anticholinergic
drugs. For more information
on harmful over-the-counter
and prescription drugs, visit
the Aging Brain Care website
4. Exercise, both physical and
mental, can be the single most
proactive thing that you can do
to protect your brain function.
Evidence shows that physical
exercise promotes the brain’s
ability to adapt and grow new
brain cells regardless of age;
it also reduces the risk of
depression, decreases stress,
and boosts creativity. An active
lifestyle is truly a worthwhile
investment in your future
Falls are the leading cause of
injury-related deaths: 87% of all
fractures in the elderly are due to
falls; falls account for 25% of all
hospital admissions and 40% of
all nursing home admissions; 40%
of those admitted do not return to
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