Senior Citizen's Guide to Pittsburgh Fall/Winter Edition 2015-16 - page 48

grain of rice that measures 3.5mm
in length and 0.37mm in diameter.
The implant is suspended in the
vitreous gel and that is located
in the back of the eye. The office
based injectable placement of the
medication allows for targeted
therapy, which avoids the need for
surgical implantation.
The impl ant has minima l
rates of complication. Because
of the low and sustained dose of
medication, rates of glaucoma
are lower than other injectable
steroids for ocular disease. The
microscopic nature of the implant
precludes the need for its removal
once the efficacy of the medica-
tion has dissipated.
This groundbreaking treat-
ment in reducing vision loss from
Diabetic Macular Edema is also
convenient for patients. Decreasing
the frequency of injections lessens
the burden on patients and caregiv-
ers and reduces the risk of possible
complications due to repeated in-
travitreal injections.
Article provided by Associates in
Ophthalmology(AIO). For more
information on DME, please visit
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