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It’s well known that healthy
eating habits can promote better
overall health within the body,
as well as alleviate a number of
diet-related illnesses and diseases.
According to a new examination of
the eating habits of 2,366 National
Health and Nutrition Examination
Survey participants, those who eat
more fruits and vegetables might
also have better hearing — even if
they’re exposed to more noise.
It’s very rare to reverse or heal
hearing damage, but there are many
correlations between a healthy
diet and healthier overall hearing.
Diets high in folic acid and leafy
green vegetables, which offer a
number of vitamins and minerals,
certainly seem to have a positive
effect on hearing health
The study, which was per-
formed by University of Florida
Health researchers, found that
those who scored higher on the
USDA’s Healthy Eating Index but
also had higher levels of noise
exposure actually had hearing
comparable to that of people with
lower noise exposure but poorer
diets. This suggests that a better
diet may have protective effects
on the delicate inner ear structures
that, when damaged by loud noise,
can suffer permanent hearing loss.
Hearing loss is usually perma-
nent, so it’s important to do things
that protect the hearing you have.
Hearing loss can ultimately lead to
a faster mental decline, so making
positive dietary changes will prob-
ably be good for more than your
hearing — it’ll be good for your
body and brain health as well.
Those who suspect they have
a hearing loss should contact their
local hearing care provider for a
comprehensive hearing exam, and
ask about dietary changes that pro-
mote healthy hearing.
Eat Well to Hear Well
The human auditory system is
made up of several parts including
thin membranes, tiny bones, mi-
croscopic sensory cells and nerve
endings. All are housed in a delicate
structure in the temporal bone of the
head.There in the temporal bone tiny
blood vessels and neural connections
maintain our hearing and balance
organs. It is a delicate balance that
keeps all this working well.
It may seem strange to talk about
diet when it comes to hearing but
it is actually very important. Most
people realize that hearing pro-
tection such as earplugs can help
reduce the likelihood of hearing
loss and it is understood that turn-
A Healthier Diet May
Help Preserve Your Hearing
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