Senior Citizen's Guide to Pittsburgh Fall/Winter Edition 2015-16 - page 52

ing down the radio and reducing
exposure to noise is important to
protect the ears. People generally
don’t know that hearing protection
in the form of a healthy lifestyle
and diet also helps reduce the risk
of hearing loss.
Hearing scientists and research
audiologists are just starting to un-
derstand the relationships between
diet, lifestyle and hearing loss.
Medical factors such as high blood
pressure and diabetes have long
been acknowledged as risks for
hearing loss. Until recently there
has not been much understand-
ing about lifestyle risk factors in
healthy people. Research in the
area of diet and hearing loss sug-
gests that our ears are best when we
practice a healthy diet. Studies have
shown a marked decline in hearing
among animal subjects that are
given a high-fat diet. Human stud-
ies show increased odds of hearing
loss with higher carbohydrate and
sugar intake. A high-cholesterol
and high triglyceride diet has also
been demonstrated to increase risk
for noise-induced hearing loss.
There is also evidence that certain
vitamins will help protect our hear-
ing such as vitamin C, vitamin E,
magnesium, and lycopene. All of
this research is slowly unfolding
but there is little doubt that our ears
depend on our body being healthy
in order to maintain hearing health.
There is much you can do to
protect and preserve your hearing.
Remember to eat well, practice
a healthy lifestyle, wear hearing
protection when around loud noise
and visit an audiologist for routine
hearing evaluations. If you have a
hearing loss you can help preserve
your hearing by using hearing
aids and doing auditory training
exercises. Hearing aids provide
continued stimulation of the audi-
tory system and help fend off the
effects of deprivation.
Article provided by Dr. Suzanne
Yoder, HearWell Center, located
in Forest Hills in the “PNC Bank
Building” on corner ofYost and
Ardmore Blvd (Rt 30). Call 412-254-
8942 or visit
com for more information.
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