Senior Citizen's Guide to PIttsburgh 2014 Vol. 1 Winter/Spring - page 10

Say You Saw It in the Senior Citizen’s Guide to Pittsburgh
You have made the decision to move out of your
home into a smaller, yet comfortable apartment that
you can more easily manage on your own. Now that you
have made your decision, where do you start looking?
The first step to choosing an apartment is to decide
what location or area you wish to live in. There are
plenty of location options available in senior housing.
Some are in the heart of the City offering easy access to
bus lines, as well as plenty of amenities within walking
distance. Other apartment buildings are found in more
suburban locations providing a living environment away
from the hustle and bustle of city life. Perhaps you
would like to move to a location that is close to a family
member, or maybe a few of your friends recently moved
into a community and you are interested in joining them
for companionship. Once you have decided the living
environment that best suits you, it’s time to think about
your needs and desires.
While the exterior of many buildings looks similar, it
is important to know that not all apartment buildings
are alike. Are you looking for somewhere where you
may age in place, somewhere that assists you as your
needs change?
If so, “supportive” housing for older adults is an
excellent option to stay in your new apartment for as
long as possible. Generally, to qualify for supportive
housing, there are requirements based on age and
income. Be sure to research the requirements before
you begin the application process.
How does “supportive” housing work? Simply stated,
Choosing an Apartment
Consider Supportive Housing
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