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A recently published study by
researchers at the University of
Pennsylvania reveals that hearing
loss causes accelerated degenera-
tion in the region of the brain re-
sponsible for processing auditory
information. It is also believed that
this degeneration causes an increase
in the effort required to compre-
hend speech—even for those with
a mild hearing loss.
The researchers’ consensus for
delaying brain atrophy and decreas-
ing the effort in comprehending
speech? Hearing aids.
According to lead author of
the study Jonathan Peelle, Ph.D., a
research associate in UP’s Depart-
ment of Neurology, “As hearing
ability declines with age, interven-
tions such as hearing aids should
be considered not only to improve
hearing but to preserve the brain.”
Wear your technology daily.
Have it fine-tuned regularly.
The results of this study not only
stress the importance of wearing
your hearing aids daily, but also
the importance of monitoring your
hearing health through regular
evaluations, and recalibrating your
devices if any changes to your hear-
ing have occurred.
Can Hearing Aids Preserve
Cognitive Function?
Ready to find help? Call an
If you know someone
who could benefit from hearing
services, or if it’s been a while
since your last appointment, don’t
hesitate—please call to schedule a
hearing evaluation. Audiologists
can answer your questions, create
strategies, and provide solutions for
all types of hearing loss.
Submitted by Dr.
Yoder, Audiologist
and Owner
of HearWell
Center - www.
com. HearWell
Center, located in
Forest Hills, PA,
provides the highest standard of
care to patients with, or at high
risk to hearing and vestibular
disorders, in a respectful, friendly
and professional environment.
Audiologist Dr.Yoder maximizes
the patient experience and
enhances quality of life through
individual-based audiology
services including hearing tests,
diagnostics, education, counseling,
treatments, rehabilitation and
devices (such as hearing aids,
hearing protection assistive
devices and alerting devices).
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