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Boomers Resource Guide
• Winter/Spring 2014
and how we continue for as long as
we can to participate in those things
that bring us the most satisfaction.
Hospice in not about a place, it’s
about where and how you receive
your care. It’s in your home, in
your community, coordinated by
your doctor, your family and you,
the patient.
Today, many hospice programs
are taking a holistic and more
comprehensive approach to care
by utilizing a number of alternative
therapies such as Reiki, Pet, Mu-
sic, Massage and Aroma therapies
as an adjunct to the typical care
that is provided. These therapies,
when used as an adjunct, have
shown to be effective in reduc-
ing anxiety, alleviating stress and
improving overall psychological
well being because the diversion
this may create allows the person
to concentrate on something other
than their physical discomfort.
Hospice does not mean giving
up on life—it means having hope
that we will have the ability and au-
thority to make decisions regarding
how we want to live our life to the
fullest and hope that we can fulfill
our final wishes.
Article provided by Mary Anne
Foley, RN, MSN, Executive Director,
JAA Home Health/Sivitz Hospice.
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