Senior Citizen's Guide to PIttsburgh 2014 Vol. 1 Winter/Spring - page 44

and in need of socialization or
wellness checks.
Perhaps you love education.
Consider being an aide, mentor,
tutor, or life-skills instructor to
children, adults, or the mentally
or physically challenged. Plenty
of schools, literacy programs, and
agencies need people like YOU.
Perhaps the most obvious fun
you can have is being an activities
aide in a senior home, center, hos-
pital, or school.You can share your
talents in art, music, crafts, games,
puzzles, dance, and sports.
How can you find these fun,
senior volunteer opportunities and
more? You have only to look to
your community. How many agen-
cies, schools, hospitals, or centers
can you locate? If you don’t know
where to begin, check with your
local library. As you know, libraries
are great resources—many, if not
all, have volunteering information
on hand. And, if you’re Internet-
savvy, you can Google “Senior
Volunteering.” You’ll be surprised
at the number of links that pop up.
Also, check out
Ready, set . . . and find yourself
by getting lost in the fun service of
others. You’ll be glad you did.
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