Senior Citizen's Guide to PIttsburgh 2014 Vol. 1 Winter/Spring - page 45

Boomers Resource Guide
• Winter/Spring 2014
Americans of all ages value
their ability to live independently.
But without planning ahead, it can
be hard to stay in control of your
life. Knowing your health risks
and financial options can make a
big difference in your ability to
stay in a familiar place. Here are
just a few areas of your home to
consider for home modifications:
Entry Ways
The entry to your home is
your connection to the rest of
the world. It is important for
receiving guests, for bringing in
the groceries, for getting to ap-
pointments and for getting out to
social events. It should be safe
and convenient no matter what the
weather, day and night, no matter
what your condition.
Barrier-free entryways make
it easier for a family member or
friend who uses a wheelchair, or
a grandchild who’s on crutches
because they’ve broken a leg or
twisted an ankle, to gain access to
your home. Examples of barrier-
free entryways include:
Home Modifications
Promoting Independence in the Home
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