Senior Citizen's Guide to PIttsburgh 2014 Vol. 1 Winter/Spring - page 46

The walkway leading from the
sidewalk or driveway to the front
entrance has no steps and very
little, if any slope, to accommodate
someone who use a wheelchair or
has trouble climbing steps. A ramp
is another type of no-step entry.
Entryways leading into the
home and into other rooms are not
divided by a threshold, which elimi-
nates a common tripping hazard.
Garage Lift
Enables someone who uses a
wheelchair, or has problems climb-
ing steps, to gain access from the
garage to the inside of the home.
To increase safety and accessibil-
ity in your master bedroomand bath-
room, you should consider making
the following home modifications:
• Building a roll-in shower with
multiple showerheads (height
adjustable handheld shower-
head and fixed)
• Lowering the bathroom sink
and making sure there’s proper
knee clearance
• Installing an elevated toilet
• Installing grab bars
• Installing or walk-in tub
If you love to cook, but find it
difficult to bend over, or if you have
a height limitation, there are numer-
ous steps you can take to modify
your kitchen to make it more “user-
friendly,” such as:
• Ensuring there’s ample maneu-
vering space
• Varying the height of counter-
• Installing a sink with knee
• Installing a raised dishwasher
• Lowering cooking surfaces
• Mounting a wall oven or mi-
crowave at reachable heights
• Making sure there’s an abun-
dance of storage space within
• Providing a desk/work area
with knee clearance
One way to reduce accidents
in the home is to make sure you
have proper lighting where you
need it. Outdoor areas, stairways,
the kitchen area, the living room
and other places where you like
to read, are just a few examples
where proper lighting is often
• Use rocker-type light switches
wherever possible. You can
turn them on and off with
the touch of an elbow if your
hands are full.
Editorial provided by The National
Council on Aging,
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