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When choosing an eye care pro-
fessional for glaucoma treatment,
consider a multi-specialty laser and
surgical eye care practice skilled
in the diagnosis and treatment
of glaucoma, cataracts, diseases
of the cornea and retina (such as
diabetic retinopathy, diabetic eye
care, macular degeneration, retinal
detachments, flashes and floaters),
and other vision problems.
Glaucoma is the second leading
cause of blindness. It is a compli-
cated disease in which damage to
the optic nerve leads to progressive,
irreversible vision loss. This nerve
carries visual information from
the eye to the brain. In most cases,
damage to the optic nerve is due to
increased pressure in the eye, also
known as intraocular pressure (IOP).
One innovative treatment for
glaucoma is a iStent Trabecular
Micro-Bypass Stent®, the f irst
minimally-invasive glaucoma sur-
gery. iStent is designed to control
eye pressure in patients with mild
to moderate open-angle glaucoma,
and is performed in conjunction
with cataract surgery.
AIO’s Director of Glaucoma,
John Nairn, MD, served as a clinical
investigator during the FDA trials
and was one of the first surgeons
in the United States to implant
iStent. He finds that iStent makes
earlier surgical intervention pos-
sible in suitable patients, providing
a safe and effective treatment. “I
am pleased to have an alternative
treatment available for my glau-
coma patients who are also in need
of cataract surgery. The combined
procedure provides the patient con-
tinuous therapy while they go about
their normal daily activities and it
is as safe as having cataract surgery
alone,” says Dr. Nairn.
The iStent is manufactured from
titanium, a material with proven
biocompatibility that is commonly
used in medical implants. It is
the smallest device known to be
implanted in the human body and
resembles a bent pipe or periscope
measuring just 1.0 mm in length
and 0.33 mm in height. It is inserted
ab interno through a small temporal
clear corneal incision. The micro-
bypass stent spares conjunctival
tissue and preserves the potential
for future treatment options.
Article provided by Associates
in Ophthalmology. Join others
in the greater Pittsburgh area
who trust the visionary eye care
of AIO for the best in laser and
surgical treatments. Call AIO
at 412.653.3080 or visit www. to learn more.
Glaucoma Treatment
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