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Senior Housing in Pittsburgh

Please refer to the following list of apartments, assisted living, nursing homes, retirement homes , senior living, etc. in the Pittsburgh area (including the City of Pittsburgh, as well as Allegheny County) that have chosen to participate in the Senior Citizen's Guide to Pittsburgh and that focus on the housing and living needs of Baby Boomers and older adults.

Housing Articles

Retirement Living Options

There really is no place like home. When asked about their preference for housing, most seniors answer, "What l would really like to do is to stay right here." A person's own home represents security and independence to most Americans. Read more


Ask the Real Estate Experts: The Art of Downsizing

"My father passed away four years ago, and my seventy-five year old mother now lives alone in a house that's far too big for her. She wants to downsize to a smaller, more accessible space. What are some tips to help her prepare for this change?... Read more


Aging in Place

In the past, if someone had difficulty living by themselves, it was a signal that now was time to move in with family or go to a nursing home. But, for most people, that no longer is the case. Read more

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Housing in Pittsburgh

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