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Allegheny Hearing Instruments
Professional Audiology & Hearing Aid Dispensing Practice

Allegheny Hearing Instruments is a professional audiology and hearing aid dispensing practice which has been located in the Jonnet Building in Monroeville, PA, since 1976. The company has grown steadily since it was established and in 1991, under the expert leadership of its founders, John L. Payne, M.Ed., and Dolores Y. Payne, M.A., a second office was established in Manor Oak Village in the Mount Lebanon/Greentree area.

The integrity of the operation and the quality of care provided by Allegheny Hearing Instruments has been well established with and acknowledged by the hearing-imparied and the medical, audiological and hearing aid manufacturing communities over the years.

Allegheny Hearing Instruments has state-of-the-art hearing evaluation equipment, sound booths and hearing aid test equipment to ensure an accurate picture of patient hearing levels and hearing aid electroacoustic status.

The personnel at Allegheny Hearing Instruments have extensive experience in the fields of audiology and hearing aids. Come meet the staff...

Dolores Y. Payne, MA, CCC-A, Owner — Dolores has been staff audiologist for Allegheny Hearing Instruments since its inception in 1976. In addition, she has served as clinical audiologist for a number of well-known area otologists and otolaryngologists. Her experience includes comprehensive diagnostic audiologic evalutions of hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, auditory brainstem, and medical-legal evalutions, hearing aid evaluations, dispensing and aural rehabilitation.

Joy J. Milliken, MS, CCC-A — Joy has been an audiologist since 1980. Her first two years in the profession were spent instituting an audiology program for a hospital in West Virginia. The next eleven years were spent performing diagnostic and rehabilitation audiology for an otolaryngologist in St. Petersburg, Florida. Prior to her association with Allegheny Hearing Instruments in 1993, she worked for two and a half years as a District Sales Manager for a hearing aid manufacturer that specialized in programmable hearing aid technology

Services include:

The skills of an experienced factory-trained service technician are also available through Allegheny Hearing Instruments, making it possible for emergency repairs on some hearing aids and some replacement aids to be obtained quickly — within a day if necessary.


For information, please contact:

Allegheny Hearing Instruments
800 Jonnet Building
4099 William Penn Highway
Monroeville, Pennsylvania 15146

Phone: 412-373-1151
Fax & TDD/TDY: 412-373-1551

Manor Oak Village
1910 Cochran Road
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15220

Phone: 412-343-1320
Fax & TDD/TDY: 412-373-1551

Email: Allegheny Hearing Instruments

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