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Gallagher Home Care
Home Care Services in Pittsburgh

private duty nursing or home health aides

Iva Gallagher

Our Family Name is as important to us as you are.

We will take care of you and your loved ones like they are family... because those are the values instilled in us by our Mom, Iva Gallagher.

Gallagher Home Care can provide you with the Medical or Non-Medical services you need to stay in your home safely. Over 5,000 people have trusted us to provide their care and you can too.

Care can be Provided in Hours, Visits or Shifts

Our Home Health Division can provide you with Skilled Services ordered by your physician and generally paid for by your insurance company. This may include Skilled Nursing, Mental Health Nursing, Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapies, Social Workers and Home Health Aides.

You'll Be Glad You Did...And That's Our Promise!


For more information, please contact:

home health care in pittsburghGallagher Home Care
A Division of Gallagher Home Health Services

Phone: 412-279-2257
Email: Gallagher Home Care

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