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Marian Manor
Nursing Care Center in the Pittsburgh Area

Marian Manor offers a continuum of high quality, 24-hour nursing care within a uniquely loving, spiritual environment.

The Manor is discreetly tucked away on acreage near the Green Tree section of Pittsburgh. The buildings have a Frank Lloyd Wright sensibility and are at home amidst tranquil, wooded surroundings. On the campus, residents, their families and the staff enjoy beautifully landscaped grounds that give all a sense of being at peace. The quiet allows you to hear the rustle of wind through the trees, the cheerful melodies of songbirds and the sounds of breezy conversation that spills out from the shaded patios.

Marian Manor provides long-term care to assist the chronically ill or disabled with daily activities like eating, dressing or bathing. We also offer short-term rehabilitation care for people who need a place to recuperate before returning home.personal care in Pittsburgh

Our care services include:

An interdisciplinary Healthcare Team is a key to all aspects of our nursing care. This team includes representatives from nursing, social services, activities, dietary, therapy, restorative and pastoral care. They do a comprehensive assessment upon admission to develop an individualized, needs-based care plan. This is followed by quarterly and annual reviews.

The community offers numerous amenities to provide your loved ones with a comfortable and secure environment in which they may thrive.

Amenities include:

The Manor provides a source of strength and calm – not just to residents, but family members as well.

Vincentian Collaborative System, Catholic health careMarian Manor is one of many senior living options offered by Vincentian Collaborative System, a not-for-profit Catholic health care and human services organization headquartered in Pittsburgh’s North Hills. Sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, its mission is to nurture and sustain a ministry of compassionate care that preserves the human dignity of persons within a diverse and changing society.

For more information, please contact:

Marian Manor
2695 Winchester Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

General Phone: 412-440-4300
Administrator: Susan Lewandowski
Email: Marian Manor

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