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Offering medical equipment and medical supplies for over 35 years in Southwestern Pennsylvania

McKnight Medical Equipment is a local, woman owned and operated company.  With our two locations in Charleroi and Oakmont PA, we have been offering medical equipment and medical supplies for over 35 years to Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Providing for a wide range of patient needs, from incontinence, ostomy, compression garments, daily living aids, bathroom safety, joint braces, or mobility items such as wheelchairs, scooters, canes, walkers, rollators, even reclining lift chairs for your living room.   

Maybe you just need to rent a piece of equipment for an operation recovery - we can do that also.  McKnight Medical Equipment is fully accredited by The Compliance Team and approved for payment by Medicare and most insurances.  We do not just offer high quality medical equipment and supplies; we offer more.  Our staff members combined have over 120 years of experience and will assist you in making rental or purchase decisions based on the most economical manner of serving the patient’s needs.  At McKnight Medical Equipment, we still believe we are in the business of caring for people.  That is what sets us apart from online and nationally owned companies. 

When people need medical equipment or supplies, it is normally a difficult, confusing time for the patient and caregiver. Most people have unfortunately been tossed into a sad situation and need professional opinions and guidance. This is where small, locally owned companies stand out from the large or online stores. Our staff at McKnight Medical still take the time to listen to customers with compassion and concern for the patient’s needs. We assist them in finding the suitable equipment or supplies, take it from the box and build it for you. Our customer service representative will assess the patients’ needs and recommend the best product. They will then fit, adjust, and explain the operation of the specific piece of equipment.  If the customer cannot pick up the product themselves, McKnight Medical will deliver the equipment or supplies. We try to do everything in our power to make what is normally a difficult time as easy as possible. These are the kind of personal touches that set us apart from the crowd.

McKnight Medical has also partnered with many local Hospice companies to provide all the necessary equipment to family members that require hospice care. We provide the same compassionate care to these patients during their time on hospice care. As a care giver you have a lot of decisions to make, one should be which DME company is going to supply your loved one with the best equipment in time of need.  Will they be there on time, professional, with good, clean equipment? Will the delivery technician demonstrate the equipment once installed? Does the DME company have a 100% no incidents delivery performance? Do they have 24/7 service? If you have a problem, do you have to call a call center in another state or can you call someone local? McKnight Medical Equipment satisfies all your questions!

When you or your loved one’s health depends on receiving proper medical supplies, choose a medical supply company that cares. Let McKnight Medical Equipment, a complete, caring, and compassionate Durable Medical Equipment service, be the company for you.  

A third-party surveying reporting company had 224 completed surveys reflecting 1350 orders to Hospice partners confirming 100% order deliveries w/o incidents and an overall score of 99% level of service performance for McKnight Medical Equipment.

Two Locations:

11 McKean Ave., Charleroi, PA 15022

329 Pennsylvania Ave., Oakmont, PA 15139

Phone: (800) 564-9955

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