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My Important Information
The wallet card that speaks for you Ė even if you canít communicate or provide the details.


My Important Information protects you (or your loved one) 7 X 24, at home or across the country.

It provides first responders, hospitals, care centers, and neighbors with the information they need to help you.



How does it work?
Subscribers enter full emergency contacts, medical conditions, medications, physicians, preferred hospitals, location of important documents, and other critical information.  Adult children or neighbors can subscribe and enter the information for their loved one – the senior never needs to touch a computer.
We send them a wallet card, two refrigerator cards, and a window sticker.

What happens in an emergency?
First responders will scan the QR code on the wallet card or the refrigerator card. The customized “First Responder Report” will display the time critical information they need.  Or, they can go the website and enter the unique emergency code.
If you are transported to the hospital from home, first responders will take one of the two refrigerator cards with you to the ER.  Hospital staff will use My Important Information to efficiently check you in and understand your conditions.

What does this service cost?
A subscription is only $30/year, or only 8.2 cents a day. Subscriptions are renewed automatically to prevent loss of coverage.

Do I have to use a computer?
No. An adult child, friend, relative, social worker, or caregiver can subscribe for you and enter all the information.

If I subscribe, can someone else maintain the information for me?

Yes.  You can ‘delegate’ one or more adult children, friends, relatives, social workers, or care givers to update the information for you.

What types of Information are stored?
The categories are:

If I travel, how do I use My Important Information?
The About Me category contains your temporary residence, such as a motel, cruise ship, or location where you are staying.  When you return home, just delete the temporary residence information.

If I lose my wallet card, can I request additional cards?
Yes, at no charge.

Is my information secure?
Yes, our servers are secure and located in secure data centers.  We suggest you treat the wallet card with the same care you protect your cards.

Can I see a sample of the “First Responder Report?”

Can I print my information?
Yes. You can print your First Responder Report at any time.  Some subscribers attach their printed report to their refrigerator card.

Can I cancel the subscription if I’m not satisfied?
Yes. You can cancel anytime, and will receive a refund based on the number of unused full months.

Am I required to enter all the information requested?
No. You can enter as much or as little information as you wish.

I have a daughter who takes care of several seniors. How does that work?
One person can subscribe for multiple seniors.

Is this service only for seniors who live alone?
No. This low cost and discreet service is for all seniors. It is ideal for seniors who do not have adult children nearby and readily available.


TWO REFRIGERATOR CARDS – 7 X 24 protection while home
One card goes with the squad to the ER, the other stays at home to help family and friends help you.




WINDOW STICKER – Alerts First Responders that you are protected.



For more information, please contact:

My Important Information

Email: My Important Information

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