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Organize Your Treasures

Organize Your Treasures… With Sam the Gentleman

“A vanishing breed that’s me!”
- Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins
 [referring to gentlemen]

Downsizing- Thinking of moving to a smaller space? Sam can help you through your decisions of what to keep, donate & recycle/toss & set up a system to keep track of your belongings through the move.

Clutter Control- Do you have so many items precious to you that you’re no longer sure where they all are (or even what they all are)? Hire Sam today & have them organized & arranged with care & dedication to your preferences.

Keepsake Arrangement- Do you have collectibles from all over the world? Would you like your mementos arranged in the most pleasing manner? Call on Sam to get the best display of your memories.

Photo Organization- Are your photos bursting out of their albums? Do you have boxes of your memories stored away? Hire Sam & display the good old days around your house &/or organized so you can find whatever pictures you want to look at whenever you want.

Basic Tech Support- Having trouble with your computer, tablet or phone? Sam would be honored to help.

Digital Filing- is another service Sam can help with; whether you want to transfer your paper files to digital, or just need help arranging the digital version of your files.

Budget Balancing- Are you no longer willing or able to balance your banking, checking, ATM, credit cards, subscriptions, memberships & income on your own? Call on Sam the gentleman to take careful care of balancing your budget for you.

Paper Management- Are papers scattered in all corners of your house; or do you have trouble finding the documents you need? Sam can organize your papers so that you know where every document is with just a glance at your files.

On-site Shredding- for any paper with sensitive information, Sam shreds it in your house & cleans up afterwards :-).

Donation Drop Off- Do you have intact precious items- be it clothes, books or toys, that are no longer serving their use? Hire Sam to take them to an organization that will give them to families that will benefit from the use of these items.

Emotional Support & a Sense of Humor is included with every service!

Mission Statement
To help people- especially seniors, maximize the efficiency & comfort of their homes; so that they can lead simpler, more balanced lives.

Call or text Sam Edelman Professional Organizer @ 443-224-3193.


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Organize Your Treasures
Sam Edelman, Professional Organizer

Phone: 443-224-3193
Email: Organize Your Treasures

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