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Research Volunteers Needed

Asthma Volunteers Needed!

The PAREXEL Clinical Pharmacology Unit, located at Harbor Hospital in Baltimore is currently seeking Paid Volunteers to participate in a clinical research trial to evaluate a new Investigational medication for Asthma.

We are recruiting the following populations:

The study involves two screenings visit and five 3 days / 2 nights' stays and one outpatient visit at our Harbor Hospital clinic.

If you qualify you may receive up to $3950.00 in compensation upon completion of the study as well as the following evaluations during the screening:

A Physical, EKG, Hepatitis/HIV tests, and Blood and Urine analysis at no charge.

Please contact a PAREXEL recruiting Nurse toll free at 1-800-797-2448.

For more information, you may also contact us by e-mail.

Ask About our $100.00 Referral Bonus!

PAREXEL is conveniently located from I-95 just over the Hanover Street Bridge, From I-95 north take exit 55 from I-95 south take exit 54. Please reference the Asthma Study.

For more information, please contact:

PAREXEL Clinical Pharmacology Research Unit

Phone: 1-800-797-2448 - Please reference the Asthma study.
Email: PAREXEL - Asthma Study

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