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Rover Community Transportation
Community Transportation in Philadelphia

Why drive, when in most cases you can roam around Chester County for a dollar or less!

community transportation in philadelphiaThis is the way to travel. Convenient, dependable, affordable. And with 77 shuttles moving daily, we can transport you to and from the destination of your choice. ROVER isn’t just for transportation to the doctor or to go grocery shopping. ROVER is for trips to art galleries and museums, to all county malls, to sporting events, to visit friends down county, for hassle free travel into Philadelphia and Wilmington, to church, club meetings or to the train station. Everyone…all ages, ambulatory or in need of wheelchair accessibility…is welcome to ride ROVER. So get off the porch and make life easy on yourself…ride ROVER!

ride rover in philadelphia

For more information or to register to ride, contact:

rover transportation in philadelpiaRover Community Transportation

Phone: 484-696-3854
Email: Rover Community Transportation

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