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St. Vincent Center for Healthy AgingSt. Vincent Center for Healthy Aging

Your resource for successful aging.

Classes offered:

S T A R T©

A wellness program that focuses on the success of each participant and makes a difference from the very beginning:

Simple Logical, easy patterns for daily use.  Safe and effective exercise at personal pace.
Toning Using hand weights /elastic bands for resistance to build strength and endurance.
Activity Seated or standing functional movement for fitness/independence.
Relaxation Breathing, stretching, and focusing on techniques to soothe the body, mind, and spirit.
Training Group sessions for support, interaction and encouragement to build confidence.

S T A R T© today for a better tomorrow

An Activity Program Designed with You in Mind

A simple program of easy movement that can be done seated, standing, or on the floor.

45-minutes of gentle activity, appropriate stretching, relaxation, and breathing training can be done at your own pace. This program will help you Transition from treatment to possibility. We are here to guide you along the pathway of discovery and celebration. Presented in partnership with the St. Vincent Oncology Center.

Refresh your mind • Renew your strength • Restore your hope

YogaFit™ for Seniors

A Yoga-based class incorporating Level One activity which is adaptable for everyone. This class addresses proper breathing techniques, relaxation, balance, stretching, and kinesthetic (body/space) awareness to increase confidence, energy, and ease of movement.

Tai Chi from the Arthritis Foundation 
Level I and Level II

Designed to improve the quality of life for
persons with arthritis and joint pain

This program includes agile steps and patterns that may improve mobility, breathing and relaxation.

The movements do not require deep bending or squatting, making them easier and more comfortable to perform. (Level II Class is Women Only @ Women's Hospital Location)

Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program
PrimeLife Enrichment, Inc. in Carmel (317.815.7008 X 220)

This class utilizes the support and resistance of water to ease the discomfort of arthritis-based pain. The class progresses through range-of-motion activity for all of the major muscle groups and joints. Participants will be encouraged to join in at their own level to assure safety and success.

Arthritis Foundation Land-Based Program
PrimeLife Enrichment, Inc. in Carmel (317.815.7008 X 220)

This class follows the guidelines of the Arthritis Foundation in providing safe, effective, doable activity that will ease you into your daily routine. Including: Range-of-motion, movement, strength, and stretching using chairs for balance or seated routines. A win-win class just for you!


For more information, please contact:

St. Vincent Center for Healthy AgingSt. Vincent Center for Healthy Aging
8220 Naab Road,  Suite 101
Indianapolis, IN 46260

Phone: 317-338-7777
Email: Center for Healthy Aging

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