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Safely At Home, LLC
An Aging-At-Home Consultation Service

One in four adults age 65 and older falls inside of their home each year and for adults age 80 and older the chance of falling doubles.

We help senior citizens live independently in their home safely to prevent accidents and avoid a crisis.

Many falls do not result in injuries, yet almost half of older people that fall cannot get up without assistance.

That’s why Safely At Home, LLC helps families check in on their aging loved ones through remote video technology and safety sensors. We help seniors decide what type of security and health monitoring devices they can use so they do not have to move out of their own home.

Are you worried about your parents aging at home alone? Safely At Home, LLC can help – regardless of the distance between you. Are you a senior who wants to continue to live in your home as you age? Safely At Home, LLC can help you do that.

Word of mouth from friends who worked with Safely at Home is that they had a very good experience and especially liked having the assessment and a list of specific things to work on. Safely at Home will make it safer to live at home and relieve adult family members of worry. I'm definitely recommending Safely at Home to others.

  • Marilee Gabriel

I am glad there are people who do older adults, things get harder to do..this program aims to help out instead of selling and moving to a assisted living facility...

  • Josh Lockard

Emergency call pendants are great but that alone is not enough to keep seniors safe. There are many products on the market today and companies offering security or health monitoring systems but there are also many variables to consider when choosing what to buy; such as multi-year contracts, equipment interface with phone/internet providers and product limitations. Safely At Home, LLC helps people make sense of what is available on the market and what is appropriate to their situation. We help seniors decide what type of security and health monitoring devices they can use so they can continue to live independently at home.

Safely At Home, LLC meets with the senior in their home and conducts a Home Safety Assessment using Aging-In-Place criteria. We consult with the home resident and any appropriate family member or loved one, either at that time or during a pre-arranged appointment, in person or over the phone. Then through our research and in-home observations we create the Home Solution Plan within five business days and provide our recommendations in person with the senior and their designated interested party. Safely At Home, LLC provides this service for a flat fee of $150 (or $200 if assessing a couple living in the same residence.) If any installation of equipment is necessary, we can recommend a professional handy-man but in most cases, family members or the senior home owner’s preferred handy man are able to implement the Home Solution Plan.

The saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is good advice when it comes to preventing falls and injuries for older adults. Fall injuries are one of the most expensive medical conditions. In fact, falls account for 40% of all nursing home admissions. Safely At Home, LLC can help. Safely At Home, LLC can help prevent accidents and avoid crisis.

Safely At Home, LLC is a registered business with the state of Indiana and can be verified by clicking here.

Safely At Home, LLC is a registered business with Angie’s List.

For more information, please contact:

Safely At Home, LLC

Phone: 317-748-7146
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