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Westerly Apartments
Providing Senior Housing in the Cleveland Area Since 1963

Westerly ApartmentsThe Westerly is located in the City of Lakewood, OH. Lakewood along the shores of Lake Erie is Ohio's 14th largest city, and the second largest suburb in Cuyahoga County. We are just 5 miles from Hopkins International Airport, and just minutes away from highways I-71 and I-90.

The senior population in Lakewood as stated in the 2000 census is nearly 6,900. Fortunately for them, Lakewood has outstanding City services.

Lakewood has a YMCA with a wonderful swimming pool, our already fully stocked public library has doubled their space by adding a very impressive addition to house many more books, tapes, videos, computer labs, classes and free entertainment. During the summer and early fall a Farmers Market is open featuring fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh flowers, homemade jams and honey, homemade baked goods and more. All of this right in our own community, and most within a short walk of the Westerly, or with our own transportation service.

The Westerly is comprised of three high-rise buildings. The Barton Senior Center encompasses the ground floor which ties the three buildings together.

Our facility is within walking distance of super markets, restaurants, drugstores, churches, banks, doctor offices, the post office, the public library and Lakewood Hospital.

We offer 7 sizes and styles of apartments including studios, 1 bedroom units and 2 bedroom units. Rents vary dependent upon the size. For some units the eligibility requirements include income limits and some rents are based on income. A limited number of Department of HUD Section 8 rental subsidies are available. The apartments are bright and airy with large windows. Many have a spectacular view of Lake Erie and the downtown Cleveland skyline.

Appliances and utilities are included in your rent. Satellite and cable TV are available. Amenities include membership in the Barton Senior Center, maintenance staff on call every evening and weekend at no additional cost, Service Coordinators to assist you with accessing services and resources you may want or need to enhance your self-sufficiency and quality of life.

Social, educational, entertainment and recreational activities are offered in Barton Senior Center. A caterer provides dining options in our dining room.

If you compare the cost of maintaining your own home or apartment, to living at the Westerly with all the amenities at your fingertips, you will see that we are not only a good choice financially, but we're also a good choice for your LIFE.

Give us a call today. We're waiting to hear from you!

The Westerly and Barton Center
Where Seniors Live and Play!

Providing Senior Housing Since 1963

Westerly ApartmentsWesterly ApartmentsWesterly Apartments


For more information, please contact:

Westerly Apartments
14300 Detroit Avenue
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

PHONE: 216-521-0053 (9am - 4pm)
TTY: 216-521-1303
FAX: 216-521-2037
EMAIL: Westerly Apartments

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